Paired Perfectly: Jaipal and Shana

I was a member and had plans of deleting my account, since I wasn’t really happy with the response. But, luckily I decided to do one last search before giving up completely and saw that there was this guy who lived nearly 20 minutes away from my residence. His profile was very down to earth, well written, and most importantly, he didn’t brag about himself like most people do. He was honest and seemed like he knew what he wanted in life.

We soon exchanged pictures, after which we realised that we were already acquaintances and had quite a few friends in common. After speaking over the phone for hours for a couple of days we decided to meet up and it turned out to be a wonderful date. We were very comfortable with each other and felt a connection that we hadn’t felt with anyone else before. Soon after, we introduced each other to our families and haven’t looked back since then. We’re planning our marriage soon and are really excited.

Thank you for helping us find each other!

– Contributed by Shana

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