Paired Perfectly: Samir and Hetal

Samir and I, we had been on for a couple of years in search of a partner. One day we stumbled across each others profiles and we thought we could get along well. eliminated questions like: Does the other person really want to get married? What language do they speak? What are they looking for in a partner? Do they eat meat? Do they drink? Things that you would find out after investing a lot of time in a person. We got to cut out all the fuss and just truly got to know about each other and our families. Just like my sister found her soulmate on, I found mine on this matrimonial site and I’m really thankful to

We are a perfect match just like my sister and her husband. Samir and I spoke on the phone in the initial stage and continued chatting online for a few days. It was so crazy, because after the first conversation, we both knew that this was it! I still remember him saying, “You’re going to be the girl I marry.” And, things moved really fast from there. We met in a small town and planned a dinner date for our first meeting. We soon planned to meet up with our families next and exactly one year from the day we met, our engagement ceremony was finalized. We got married a couple of months later on May 17, 2011, which was followed by a new house, a pet, new jobs for both of us, and a new life together!

Thank You for making this possible!

– Contributed by Hetal

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