Perfectly Matched Couple: Josh and Navneet

I signed up on after being recommended by a friend who suggested it was a good way to meet new people and especially people seriously looking at getting into a relationship. I didn’t know much about this matrimonial site before but was happy to give it a try. So, I signed up and paid my first 3 months subscription. I met my partner within a week of signing up and we exchanged messages on After a few days we spoke to each other on the phone. The conversations continued for a week before we decided to meet up in London where we both lived and worked.

Since we had already spoken to each other on the phone a couple of times, on our first meeting we felt like we already knew each other. I asked Navneet to marry me just 9 days after our first contact on the matrimonial site and we were married 3 months later with the blessings of our parents. We’re a happily married couple today with a beautiful little daughter. In fact, we were also featured in a poster campaign on London Underground and have been interviewed by lots of radio stations as well as a National UK newspaper.

Thank you for bringing us together!

– Contributed by Josh


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