5 Reasons Why You Should Propose To Him Before Its Too Late


It’s better to make the first move rather than living with the feeling of regret that you could have given it a try. You also wouldn’t feel bad that you didn’t even try for something you have been waiting forever. Here are 5 reasons why you should propose to your man before it is too late:

1. You never know…

You simply can’t conclude things.. You never know, he might also have feelings for you but he is also scared of rejection. So move over everything that’s stopping you to express your feelings for him!

2. Better late than never!

You might have waited for him forever..but now it’s high time you let him know what you feel for him.

3. Rejection is not the end of the story!

Even if he doesn’t respond the way you wanted, that’s surely not the end of the story. At least later in life, he might realise what a loss it was rejecting you. And don’t fear what if it goes wrong.. even the rejection will end in a warm hug!

4. Whatever happens, happens for good.

Things might fall in place for you with him, if not, there is someone better waiting for you.

5. What are you waiting for?.

The fact that you have waited for so long should be enough motivation for you to just go and ask him! If you like or love him, go grab the opportunity. Or else some other girl might.

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