Read to Know How A Friend Played Cupid to This Couple


The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person and the credit for helping me in finding a perfect match goes to

I created my profile on this match-making site and to my luck, I was very close to finding my partner. Navreet’s profile was created by her best friend. Since she had also found her match on, she thought to give it a chance for her friend too.

We came across each other’s profile and found many similarities. I had a conversation with Navreet’s friend on behalf of her. She found that everything sounded good and soon she told Navreet about me. Days passed and then finally we had our first telephonic conversation. It was really exciting.
We both shared each other’s liking and disliking.

After a while, we decided to meet for the first time and spent some quality time together. That day we came to know that we would make an amazing couple and so we decided to take it forward. After talking to our parents, we finally went ahead with our first official ceremony – Engagement.

Everything was going good. We started visiting each other’s family. After the Shagun ceremony, dates were decided for the most memorable day of our lives, our Marriage.

It happened so quickly, which was a good thing since we couldn’t wait to be together.

Everything was really perfect and beyond our expectation.

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