Read to Know How This Couple Took the Biggest Decision of Their Life

Thank you so much because I found my love on your website.

To be honest, I registered on the website out of frustration but when I received an overwhelming response, it felt good. Then I found Vinod and it was a turning point in my life. From that day till now, there’s no turning back. It all started when we accepted each other’s request and started chatting. We then exchanged numbers. Within a very short time, we got so much involved into each other, talking endlessly day and night, that it felt like we were falling in love.

After a week, we decided to meet and the meeting turned out to be really amazing. We went on a long drive, exploring food, clicked a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun. After our meeting, we were sure that we wanted to get married as we were very comfortable with each other.

There were some disagreements from my family, but after convincing them for a month, everything fell into place. We feel, its more of a love marriage than an arranged marriage. The best thing was, we were there for each other during the difficulties and we sorted out everything together. As it is said, “All’s well that ends well .”

Thank you much for coloring my life with beautiful shades of love. I will always be grateful to you and God.

Keep it up! Spread the Power of Love, always.

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