Ready For a Green Wedding?

Eco-consciousness is on the rise. People are trying to do their best for the environment by using eco-friendly products and by doing everything possible to live healthy, but how about a green wedding? Have you ever thought of that? If you’re environment-friendly and have just started planning your wedding, we suggest you opt for a green wedding. Moreover, with global warming becoming a serious threat, it’s time for us all to go green. Here are some tips on how to plan a green wedding…

1. Send e-invites

Instead of sending out hundreds of glossy wedding cards to all your
guests, it’s a better idea to invite them online via mail. This way you won’t just end up saving some money but also a lot of paper. If you must send wedding cards to some important people, get them printed, but not all.

2. The Venue
While deciding on a venue, opt for one that supports the cause you believe in. It could be a beautiful garden or the lawn of a green-roofed building that has good amount of natural light and natural beauty. This way it will require less lighting and decoration, unlike hotels that require a lot of electricity. Also, you could arrive at the venue in a horse-drawn carriage, a cycle rickshaw or a eco-friendly (hybrid) car. Isn’t that a cool idea?

3. Go-green Menu
You can surely go green with your wedding menu, offering your guests a scrumptious line-up of food that they’ll truly love. All you got to do is discuss this with your caterer and tell him that you want an organic menu that’s more healthier with fewer meat items on your menu. Also, choose to have seasonal foods on the menu. You could also ask for an organic salad course to make it more interesting.

4. Wedding Favours
Since you are taking the effort to plan a green wedding, why not go eco-conscious even when it comes to wedding favours? You could give your guests saplings and seeds they can plant at home. Small potted plants make good gifts too. Apart from these, you also have the option of gifting your guests green bath salt or candles with lemon or green apple flavour.

5. Planning Your Honeymoon
Select a green city for your honeymoon and opt for eco-tourism. This is for people who want to travel, but wish to do so in a way that causes as little impact on the environment as possible. Also, to move around your destination, go for a low emission car. Look for hybrid vehicles.

– Snehal Jagtap

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