5 Reasons That Will Make You Believe in Love


Shaadi.com started its journey way back in 1996, the World’s No.1 Matchmaking service has a come long way since then. We have just crossed the 5 million Success Stories milestone and we couldn’t be happier about this great feat. We take a lot of pride in being able to touch so many lives by helping them find their love.

Here are 5 reasons to believe in love:

1. Treasure house of beautiful moments

True love brings so many picturesque moments- a movie, a song, first date, shopping with each other, cooking together. Every moment in your life becomes a timeline of love and fondness that cannot be compared to anything else.

2. You feel settled

When you find true love, there is nothing else that you are looking for. You feel that your prayers are answered, the wait is over and you can spend the rest of your life with your special person.

3. There is always someone to turn to

You are stuck somewhere, a family member or parent is sick, there are domestic conflicts in your house. When everything else is falling apart, you feel the need of a shoulder to cry on. Not just for support, but someone who connects with you and loves you with all their heart.

4. Romantic dates, holidays and celebrations

You have so many reasons to celebrate your love– the day he proposed, your marriage anniversary, Valentine ’s Day, each others birthdays. Love brings a bandwagon of celebrations and events to acknowledge your love for each other. You travel to new places and celebrate life with your companion.

5. You never feel alone

There are so many moments in your life, where something really significant has taken place- a great job, raise in your salary, a joke, even a small incident on the road or something huge for that matter, that you wish to weigh off your shoulder. You turn around and there is no one. You feel so alone. You want to share these small things in life with someone more than just a friend. The retirement speeches are after all incomplete without your true love cheering from the audience

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