Survey: Happy Marriage Makes You Look Younger

According to Danish researchers, a happy marriage and plenty of money can take years off a person’s appearance. The study, conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, found that a married woman with a high social status, who has not spent a lot of time in the sun, could look at least seven years younger than a woman who is single, of a low social class and has spent excessive time soaking up harmful rays.

A happy marriage can make a woman look almost two years younger by the time she reaches middle age. Marital harmony can make men, in turn, look up to a year younger. Heavy drinking was found to add a year on the faces of both sexes along with chronic asthma, diabetes and regular intake of painkillers.

Over-exposure to the sun was seen to add 1.3 years to a woman’s perceived age, while depression made women look 3.9 years older and men 2.4 years older. Perhaps, surprisingly, smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years was found to add only one year of extra wrinkles to men and half of that to women. Phew!

Courtesy – United Press International


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