Scientific Study Reveals The Right Age To Get Married. Check Now If It’s Your Turn Or Not!

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“Beta! When are you getting married?” This stingy question has given a lot of people sleepless nights. Most of us in our 20s are posed this question every now and then. Next time your annoying Delhi waali bhua or over enthusiastic neighbour asks you about your marriage plan you can introduce this new scientific study which has revealed the right age to get married.

Till a few decades back the legal marriage age in India was just 15. The child marriage was a cultural norm and widely practiced till the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act came into force to mandate the legal age for marriage as 18 for women and 21 for men. Even though there has been a gradual shift in people’s mindset still most people in India consider 22-23 to be the “right” marriageable age. Well, if even you thought that 22-23 is the right age to get married just because the society says so there’s a scientific study to prove you wrong!

As per Nicholas H. Wolfinger’s study published by the Institute of Family Studies and analyzed by Time magazine and Slate, the results suggest that people should ideally tie the knot between 28 to 32 years. Wolfinger explains, there seem to be several reasons why marrying in this range leads to the highest rate of lasting marriages, including the fact that people at this age are “old enough to understand if they really get along with someone or are just blinded by hormones” while “not so old and set in their ways that they can’t make the myriad of little adjustments in habits and lifestyle and goals.”

We believe that even though this extensive study has called 28 to 32 years as the perfect age to get married it is up to the two individuals to make the marriage work at any age. There is no secret ingredient to happy marriage but a lot of love and understanding between the couple. If you are 23 right now and planning to dodge a rishta quoting this study could be of some help! 😉

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  1. Thomas k says

    good thinking

  2. raman says

    it is the physical contact of sex giving and taking kills,tolerance,economic feasibility to overcome challenges,be tough when everything around you going tough and above all when both naked or not love the cheerfulness/innocence in other and appreciate/rejoice/rejuvenate.the secret is respect,regard what they are,pour unconditional love as love in human form as your better half.

  3. Mangilal gurjar says

    Beautiful pic of you

  4. Dinesh says

    I think 26-30

  5. Vipul patel says

    Good love

  6. Abhilasha says

    This will surely help me in making my parent’s mind…thanks rishi:)

  7. Abhijeet singhrajput says


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