The Perfect Knot: Jigish and Kevti

I registered on just out of curiosity. I wasn’t very keen on finding a life partner online but then I realised that had some really nice profiles. I came across Kevti Desai’s profile and expressed interest in her. To my surprise, she accepted my request. We then started chatting online, via phone and sometimes through video chat on Skype. We then finally decided to meet in  person. I was located in Australia and was planning a trip to India soon. Just a few weeks later, I flew down to India and met Kevti. After we met each other, we were sure about getting married. We both felt a special connection and continued to meet for a couple of days.

After I left India, we were still in touch and our liking for each other had turned into love by soon. I found Kevti quite bold and confident and that is what attracted me towards her, while Kevti liked me as a person. After about two and a half months we proposed marriage to each other and decided to get married. We got our parents involved and I soon came down to India. We got married on 26 June, 2013.

I would like to thank for helping me find my life partner!

– Contributed by Jigish

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