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The internet has grown rapidly grown over the past few year along with that we have also witnessed an increase in dangers & risks threatening the internet world. As India’s leading Internet brand, we at have started the movement to raise awareness about making the internet safe for the netizens:

Here are 5 tips to make you #ShaadiWise:

1) Be careful where you click

There is no such thing as free lunches or lottery tickets. Spyware, bots, trojan horses, hoaxes, viruses can find an easy route to your system through links. Don’t click on links until you are sure about the source. Treat suspicious mails with caution.

2) Protect your data

Data Theft is the biggest cause of concern in today’s age. Always make sure that you regularly take cloud backup for your data. Make sure to have a strong password for all your accounts and updated it from time to time.

3) Pay smartly online

Whenever you are shopping online always remember to check the assurances or certificates provided to the secured payment gateway. Banks or websites will never call you to confirm your CVV number or internet banking password. Never pay bills or shop online on public computers.

4) Guard your identity

Sharing personal information without thinking may expose to serious risk such as identity fraud. Most of the social media networking portals have significant privacy settings in place, make the most of them and be in control of your personal information available on the internet

5) Report cyber bullying!

There can be various forms of cyber bullying. It includes mean text messages or emails, rumours sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing or nude pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles. If you are the victim of any kind of abuse or threat online you should always report abuse or block such content. You should also escalate the matter to law enforcing authorities accordingly.

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