Gets a New Inbox

We are excited to announce the new Inbox – Unified Inbox. This was launched with the idea to unify all interactions between Members at one place and make it easy to start conversations with new Members. With the help of this new Inbox, you can now:

* Click on Send Email, select from your Accepted Members list and start a new conversation
* Save emails as Drafts and reuse them to start a new conversation in a jiffy
* View all the Interests or Requests in a single folder
* View all the members who requested for your phone or photo, in a single listing. No more scattering of Phone and Photo Requests will be received.
* View a history of all conversations anywhere in the Inbox
* Find all your sent items in one folder and filter and see just what you are looking for
* Go to the Archived folder and find all Deleted, Declined and Cancelled Interests & Requests in a single list

In the last few days, we have received some great response and reactions on the new Unified Inbox. Thank you all for your valuable feedback and appreciation. We would be making more changes in the next few weeks. So, watch out for this section! Remember, Lots can happen over a conversation, so “Happy Searching”!

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