Malhar and Tarun are Back on Air!


Participate in our Contest and stand a chance to WIN an iPad Mini. All you have to do is watch this TVC and answer a simple question…

Contest Question: “Like Malhar & Tarun how many people have found their Partner on”

And the WINNER is Dipen Atara

Congratulations! You win yourself an iPad Mini!

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41 Responses to Malhar and Tarun are Back on Air!

  1. showkat says:


  2. Tushar SubhashYadav says:

    30 lacks People

  3. LALA RAM SAINI says:


  4. DIVYA SAXENA says:

    Going beyond limits to make your partner smile, that’s love. <3 To a zillion partners who are smiling today – Cheers,! :D

  5. showket says:


  6. Rahul Kabra says:

    20 lacs

  7. abhay raj datt 9971294455 says:

    20 lakh people have found their match on

  8. Manish Harit says:

    20 lacs people

  9. Abhijit Majumder says:

    ” 30 lakh logo ki tarah malhar and tarun nebhi apni kahani ki shurbad se ki :)
    “Like Malhar and tarun 3 Million others people Have Found Their partner on”

  10. Aruna Datt 9971339817 says:

    20 lakh people have found their match on

  11. vineet tomar says:


  12. anwar shaik says:

    3 lakhs people

  13. Sajid Silawat says:

    ” like 3 million others”

  14. Pretty Aryana says:

    ” like 3 million others”

  15. rahul verma says:

    infinite peoples have found their partner on

  16. Rajkumar says:

    It is a india’s no.1 matrimonial site and giving chance select a good life partner and
    it’s premium rate is less than other sites…….thanks

  17. zakir hussain says:

    respected sir/ma’am…
    like Malhar and Tarun, there are thirty (30 lakh) lakh and C.O..U…N….T…..I……N…….G, people have found and are finding their partner on
    have a pleasant evening TEAM
    zakir hussain,
    p.o.:amnour (via:baldihan),
    dist.:chhapra…BIHAR…pin code:841401.

  18. Shreepad Dabhekar says:

    20 Lakhs….

  19. debasis nayak says:

    its rock

  20. aarti sharma says:

    U r looking is good

  21. Dheeraj Singh says:

    awsome couple..!!

  22. Dipen 98253 65959 says:

    Its 30 lakh

  23. jainam says:

    3000000 people ki tarah

  24. pavan teja says:


  25. vijay singh says:

    its very very … best website

  26. Milind G says:

    More than 20000/-

  27. Milind G says:

    Its appreciating that in such a busy schedule their is some one who comes forward to show the girls & boys who wish to marry while their own relatives run away.

  28. Gulshan q says:

    30 lakhs

  29. Shubham Dhingra says:

    20 lac people.

  30. Pawan Gupta says:

    40 lacks people have mach on Its very nice and simple site for shadi.

  31. Sumit says:

    3 million people hav found their match on shaadi. Com.

  32. Hemant Shah says:

    Thirty lacs

  33. Hemant Shah says:

    30 lacs

  34. sneh lata saraf says:

    3 million people hav found their match on shaadi. Com

  35. syed imran.A says:


  36. brij says:

    its really good to know that this institution is working so well and better way that milllions have found their soulmate. i give my all best wishes

  37. Rumana says:

    Probably 40 lacs plus…..

  38. Venugopal says:

    3 Millions

  39. krissna sharma says:


  40. Afsha A says:

    45 lakhs

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