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In December 2016, we conducted a survey to understand what people think about the idea of getting married. We found out that about 20.5% men and 23.1% women said ‘can’t wait to get married’ and 12.2 % men and 10.3% women said, ‘not for me’, while 18.2% men and 13.2 % women stated that they were ‘not sure’.


There are quite a few stories that would make you believe most individuals get married because of parents, relatives or siblings push them. The stereotype exists that people get married as they are forced to.  At, we have always believed that getting married is a choice and you should get married only when you’re ready for it.

When you sign up on, there’s an option that lets you specify whether you’re creating a profile for ‘Self,’  ‘Son,’ ‘Daughter,’ ‘Brother,’ ‘Sister,’ ‘Friend’ or ‘Relative’.  We’re sharing some data that shows who really creates a profile on

There’s a preconceived notion that parents or siblings (given the use of internet in India. Not all parents are comfortable with it) create the highest number of profiles for their child or siblings on However, that’s not the case. To be precise, it is 49% not true. Parents and siblings only created a total of 23% profiles on in 2016.

On, a significant chunk of individuals look forward to getting married because it’s their choice. 72% of the profiles are created by self! The data speaks for itself:

Data1 profiles created by in 2016

Profiles created by friends and others accounted for 3% and 2% of total profiles created in 2016.

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