18 Signs That You Are a Shaadi.com Employee

Shaadi.com has turned a year older and is celebrating it’s 18th Anniversary. So we thought of listing down 18 signs that prove you are a committed Shaadi.com employe…

1. The word ‘Match’ means much more to you than a game of cricket

2. When you meet people you like, you want to “express interest” in them

3. You feel proud everytime you read an article on Shaadi.com in the newspapers

4. Just like 007, you too have a code name. It’s called your profile ID

5. You know the difference between Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Not just in carats

6. If someone asks you to describe yourself, you ask them the character limit

7. You feel proud to see the ‘Promoted by Shaadi.com’ sticker on the books at the book store

8. You filter and shortlist everyone you meet according to “your preferences” for easy reference

9. You recommend all your friends to find a life partner on Shaadi.com

10. You wish that everyone you met came with an accept or decline button.

11. You know that behind every successful man there is a woman, and behind 3.2 million success stories there’s Shaadi.com.

12. You proudly ask your Family and Friends to watch the Shaadi.com TVC everytime it’s on air.

13. You enjoy every song that has the word ‘Shaadi’ in it. For instance, ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Zor ka Jhtaka hai Zoron se Laga,’ etc.

14. You give your friends feedback on their profile and suggestions on how to make their profile more interesting.

15. Every time you meet a newly-wed couple, you’re interested in knowing how they met, where and when? You suggest them to share their success story with friends on Facebook.

16. You follow Shaadi.com on Facebook and ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ posts regularly

17. You no more ‘Like’ Shaadi.com but you ‘Like Like’ it

18. You are now a Chetan Bhagat fan

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