Significance Of Red Color In Indian Weddings

Weddings surely are a kaleidoscope of colors and traditions. Colors for all the joy they put in the celebrations, and traditions which help us in choosing and doing the right rituals and things.
One of the most prominent tradition is of the use of color red in Indian weddings.
This color has a lot of significance in Indian weddings. We tried cracking the code for your better understanding, and here’s why…

  1. Interpretation- There are a lot of beliefs and different versions of interpretations regarding the color. All of these depend and change from religions, to geography. In foreign areas, a bride is dressed in white, believed to be a color of purity.
    In Indian mythology it is believed that red is the color of Goddess Durga, the epitome of strength and courage, and hence the bride should wear red, and start her new life with strength and courage.
  2. Décor- Red being the color of love, is used in maximum of the decoration. With the latest changing trends in wedding decors etc., red seems to have retained its charm. Red roses, red carpets, red floral decors, and the red dress of the bride!
  3. Bridal embellishments- Sindoor, worn with all the dignity is also red. It is believed that the length and color of the sindoor is related to the husband’s life. The longer and darker the sindoor, the happier, merrier and longer the husband shall live.
    A bride is also expected to wear red bangles, popularly known as Chooda, which signifies that she is a newlywed bride.
    The sindoor and chooda differentiate her from the other women, and single ladies; help the world in knowing that she is a newlywed queen, starting her new life with her beau.

The interpretations and beliefs summed up with the beauty the color holds not only makes it an ideal choice for all the brides to be, but also a unique and evergreen bridal wear choice!
To your happily ever after, with red!


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