Signs He’s in Love With You

This is a common problem with most women. When there’s someone in your life who truly madly deeply loves you, it’s hard to digest, right? But if you are not sure about how much does your partner actually love you, we list down some signs to clear your doubts… 1) He Loves Spending Time With You It’s easy for men to say this but if your partner really does spend time with you, you need not really worry. Be it shopping, dinner, road trips, etc if he likes to have you around him when he’s doing all of that it only means he loves spending time with you. This also means you are his first priority. 2) He Doesn’t Mind Compromising It is often believed that compromising is required from both, the man and woman when they’re in a relationship. In some cases, in the long run it leads to fights between the couple but if your partner is happily willing to compromise, without any complaints it only means he doesn’t want to lose you. You’re precious to him and he really loves you. 3) He Doesn’t Notice Other Women as Much It’s hard to find men who do not bother to notice women aorund them at a coffee shop or in a mall. But if your partner shows no interest in other women, you should be happy. Of course, there’s no harm in checking out other woman, but when a man only focuses on you when you’re with him, he surely does love you. He definitely knows that it will not just offend you but also leave a bad impression on you about him. 4) He Finds Your Quirks Charming You may have the habit of cracking PJs or talking about things that make no sense most of the times. May be some men find that dumb, but if your partner enjoys all the long conversations you two have and if he finds you entertaining, he will never leave you. Men like women who can make them laugh. 5) He Can’t Stop Thinking About You When you’re truly in love, you obviously can’t stop thinking about the person you love. Whether he’s listening to music, sitting with friends, watching a movie, is out shopping, etc and even in the midst of all this if you’re on his mind, it is love. – Vipasha Pillai

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