5 Simple Ways To Show Him That “You Care”!

bg-careers1Communication and attention have become a difficult thing when it comes to busy schedules. Care is an important and deeply sensitive aspect of expressing your love to your partner. Words and gifts are good, but they hardly articulate care. Care is well thought and directly from the heart. In retrospect, it would mean being by your partner during all ups and downs and accepting your partner with all his imperfections.. We are making a small attempt to throw some light on the various times you can show “You Care” to your darling partner!

1. Start with a Hug!
A caring touch is a heart-filled expression of love and care. Give a big hug to your partner every day, and he will feel super awesome about himself and you!

2. Appreciate Him!
Appreciate him for his achievements and the little things he does for you. Let this be your little something that helps him to stay motivated throughout.

20121224-0014403. Small Gestures!
Making something that he likes or picking up food that he likes on your way back home will make him feel that you care!

4. Conversations!
Remind him to talk with his parents and stay in touch with his friends regularly. It’ll help him feel secured with you.

5. Give Space!
Sometimes he needs time to himself. Give him that space to figure things out and think about future.

Like our suggestions? Or have more suggestions? Speak your heart out in the comments below!

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