Sinto Always Believed He Was Destined To Be With Reshmi!


“I saw her profile and found some connection between us. I kept messaging her as she was not replying, but I didn’t lose hope. Finally I got the message “Accepted”. I couldn’t control my happiness. From her side, she had accidentally clicked on the accept button. This is were God played His part. Her account was made by her parents and she wasn’t interested in these websites. But after having a few chat and conversations, we decided to meet each other with our family. Before we could know, we fell in love with each other. We were meant to be one no matter what we do.. it’s written. We are now a happily married couple with the blessings of our family and friends. We understand that matches are made in Heaven and we find them with the help of Thanks a lot to the team who made this site. Now my Wife recommends to all her friends. :)”

We are humbled to have played a part in your love story. Wish you two a happy married life!

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