Study: Couples Argue 2,455 times a year

Money issues, laziness and not listening are among the top gripes for couples, say researchers. Snoring, driving too fast and what to have for dinner are also common sources of tension, a survey of 3,000 people found. It concluded that couples argue as often as seven times a day and 2,455 times a year on an average. A couple’s sex life causes problems for some with about 87 arguments a year, while 67 tiffs relate to partners not saying ‘I love you’ enough.

Nikki Sellers, head of a home insurance company that carried out the survey, said, “Bickering on a daily basis is all part of being in a normal, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, our research suggests couples are actually arguing up to seven times a day and, although it can be about the smallest things, this does seem quite a lot. But the normal co-habiting couple will have to put up with each other’s daily annoyances, even if things such as housework, what to have for dinner, cleanliness and the television can prove to be very irritating.”

Money, overspending and bills are, perhaps unsurprisingly, among the top 10 reasons for an argument. The survey also showed that the average couple will argue about disciplining the children 88 times a year and have a further 79 disputes about spoiling them. Housework is also a big cause for contention, as living in a ‘dirty house’ leads to 90 arguments annually, while 88 arguments are about dirty washing and 80 are about one half treading mud into the house. Even simple things like, who should cook the evening meal and getting in the way when someone else is cooking can end with a disagreement.

Unfortunately, the study shows that the average couple’s argument does not always stop at a war of words, as a third admit they follow a verbal attack by crashing and banging their way around the house. Ms Sellers added, “With everyone leading such busy and hectic lifestyles, it’s not surprising that finances, not listening to your partner, or pulling your weight around the house can lead to an argument between couples – all of which make an appearance as one of the top reasons behind an argument.”


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