Men Say ‘I Love You’ First, Finds Study

The three little words — I Love You can either be a relationship milestone or prove to be the exact opposite. And guess what — men are more likely to say it first. A recent study conducted by a popular website found that at least 76 per cent men say ‘I Love You’ first. “Men are often perceived as emotionally reserved compared to women,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of the site, a date bidding site, in a press release. “This survey completely contradicts this stereotype, proving that men are as emotionally invested as women in any serious relationship,” he says.

But where do these men drop the L-bomb? The study found that 81 per cent of men said it in a private setting (often in the bedroom), 11 per cent said it over a phone call or text and eight per cent said it in a public setting. Thirty per cent of women, on the other hand, end up saying ‘I Love You,’ in a bedroom or private setting and 67 per cent of us say it over text messages or phone calls. And let’s not jump to conclusions right away.

A January study found that men do say ‘I love you,’ first — but not for the right reasons. The study by Pennsylvania State University found men were only trying to get their partners in bed, according to The Daily Mail. For whatever the reason may be for saying ‘I love you’ first, most of us don’t say it right away. Another survey revealed that most people don’t actually exchange the three words until they reach date 14.

Courtesy: Huffingtonpost

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