Men are Bigger Chatterboxes, Claims Study


It may come as a surprise to many, but men talk more than women, according to a recent survey. When it comes to which is the more talkative sex, researchers have uncovered that – chaps are the bigger chatterboxes. But they are not very good at it. Although men use more words, they are not as adept at expressing themselves, the study found.

Researchers discovered that while talking about serious issues, such as current affairs, men and women were on the same wavelength in terms of the language used. In contrast, when chatting to friends, men use a greater number of words but fail to express themselves as well as women because their words contain less variety.

According to the research for Sheilas’ Wheels insurance, men also struggle when it comes to giving compliments. “The difference between the myth of the female chatterbox and the reality was astounding. It is men who are more likely to talk for the sake of talking,” the Daily Express quoted study’s lead author Professor Geoffrey Beattie, head of psychological science at Manchester University.


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