Study Reveals Nicknames Women Find Annoying

Honey, baby, sweet cheeks. If you’re in a relationship, you likely don’t call your partner by his or her first name. Chances are, you probably use a pet name when referring to your significant other. But that loving nickname may not be as appreciated as you think. A recent survey from revealed babe as the most hated pet name among women. The site surveyed 2,000 British people between the ages of 18 and 60. They found that only one in five surveyed called their partner by his or her full name. n addition to babe, sweet cheeks, snookums, and baby doll were also unpopular. “Pet names between partners are usually used as a way to show a little regular affection but some are clearly better than others,” says the site’s spokesperson.

Overly sappy nicknames proved to be most disliked by the ladies. Muffin, pudding, angel pie and honeybun all made the list of top 20 most hated nicknames. Apparently, women don’t appreciate being likened to desserts. Wmen prefer nicknames like gorgeous, beautiful, lovely and sexy. These made the list of top 20 most acceptable nicknames. According to the spokesman, “There’s a lot of power in a name and each one throws up different connotations so it’s important to know which ones will flatter a partner and which are definitely not going to have the right effect. Personally, while angel pie may be a bit too sugary for my tastes, babe seems harmless.”

The spokesman explained that ‘babe’ is one term of endearment that may not translate from the United States to the United Kingdom. He adds, “When people hear ‘Babe’ in the U.K., it’s very often associated with someone either trying a little bit too hard to be cool or coming across as cheesy.” Also interesting: One in seven surveyed admitted to giving their partner an unflattering pet name just to mess with them. One in six men referred to their partner as ‘the boss,’ and one in fourteen admitted to calling their significant other ‘the ball and chain.’

Here’s a list of the most hated pet names for women:

1. Babe
2. Sweet cheeks
3. Snookums
4. Baby doll
5. Baby girl
6. Muffin
7. Ducky
8. Baby cakes
9. Sexy pants
10. Pudding
11. Angel pie
12. Pumpkin
13. Puppy
14. Sugar lips
15. Treacle (a type of syrup in the U.K.)
16. Baby
17. Pickle
18. Honeybun
19. Sugar pie
20. Cupcake

Courtesy: MSN Living

Which nickname would you prefer?

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