Study: Strong Marriages Make Good Business Sense

“Most people at work say ‘don’t your their personal problems to work’. But that’s not realistic and natural,” says Jack Myrick, a marriage education consultant. A happy marriage ensures that a person can put his 100% at work. There are many examples to prove that:

According to Truett Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A restaurant chains, “Promoting marriage doesn’t just line up with my Christian values, it makes business sense as well. If a person can’t conduct his personal life, you can’t expect him to be a high performer in his business.” Chick-fil-A’s commitment to marriage has grown out of a culture that supports families and programs such as on-site daycare. Cathy himself has been married for more than 58 years and it’s been his marriage-friendly policies and programs that have earned him the spotlight.

One of the most important studies on marriage shows how fighting with your spouse affects your work. Researchers have found that men with the highest level of marital stress miss 30 more days of work a year, as compared to men with average stress. This is more common among men in their first ten years of marriage. “Women kind of roll with things better than men and there’s this irony where we think of men as stronger who can cope better with things, but it’s really just in terms of brute strength that men are stronger. It’s not in terms of emotional strength,” says Dr. Scott Stanley of the University of Denver. Research also shows that kids and grown-ups are more likely to have mental and physical problems when there’s marital stress. Such issues can end up costing companies.

By learning how to handle conflict and communicate well, couples can have a happy marriage. This means a lot today, when newlyweds face a 40 to 50 per cent chance of going through a divorce. “Possibly companies need to wake up to the fact that they need to spend some effort and money to help maintain a stability and quality of people who are performing well,” says Cathy. Ty says, “If I was a business leader I’d have to say, this is an investment in people and Cathy already understood that when you make that investment in people, the returns are amazing.”

Courtesy – CBN News

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