Women are Attracted to Men Resembling Their Fathers

Research out of England and Poland, in a joint study, suggest that women who had a good relationship with their fathers growing up, are more likely to get attracted to a man with similar traits and features. The study consisted of a trained anthropologist from the Institute of Anthropology in Poland taking measurements of different facial features of 15 random men and fathers of the women who participated in the study. In addition, photographs were also taken of the men to aid in the study.

The anthropologist calculated 15 key proportions of the men in the photos based on various features like lips, eye brows, cheekbones and nose. The anthropologist compared the different features to the length and width of the man’s face. After sizing up the random male faces, the anthropologist compared them to each of the fathers’ faces to see if there is any resemblance. The women in the study were then asked to rate their childhood relationships with their fathers. This was done by asking how much of a hand the fathers had in raising their daughters and how much time was spent with them.

Based on the responses, the women were split up into two groups depending on how positively or negatively they ranked their feelings on their fathers. Both groups of women were asked to rate how attractive they found the random men’s faces in the photographs. The results of the women’s opinions led to scientists believe that there is a link between a woman’s father and choice in a mate. Women with positive paternal relationships were more likely to be attracted to men who physically reminded them of their fathers. Women with negative fatherly relationships did not respond to men who looked like their fathers.

Courtesy: Yahoo.com

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