Success Story: Dev and Preksha

It all started when Dev expressed interest in me on in November, 2010. When I saw his profile I knew there was something special about him and accepted it without thinking too much. We soon started chatting online, exchanged a couple of mails and then finally our numbers. This went on for nearly three months and then it was time for us to meet up.

By now, I knew that I had found my soulmate. When we met, we clicked really well and were quite comfortable talking to each other, like we knew each other for years. We continued to talk over the phone for a couple of months and then decided to make it official. Things went on smoothly and our wedding date was finalized. Also, he proposed to me in the most creative way, which I’ll never forget and that will always be a special moment in our lives. We had a grand wedding ceremony on 18 June, 2011 and today, we’re a happily married couple.

Thank you!

– Contributed by Preksha

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