Success Story: Mayur Bhatia and Poonam Jaswani

Every girl after a certain age is told by her family to think of marriage. I had completed my post graduation and had started working, when my family thought of my marriage. Since I had just started working, I wasn’t sure about marriage. But my family told me about some successful arranged marriages through some matrimonial sites, because I initially wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of finding a life partner online. Since my family insisted, I agreed to register on in 2013. I would check my profile only over the weekends but one fine day I happened to come across Mayur’s profile. We started chatting online and then on the phone. We got to know each other quite well in a few months. Mayur soon planned a trip to India and we liked each other. We then got our families involved. Things worked out well and in February, 2014 we tied the knot. Even now, I sometiems feel like it was all a dream. I consider 2014 to be a lucky year for me, as I found Mayur. I really thank for helping me find Mayur. This wouldn’t have been possible without – Contributed by Poonam

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