Success Story: Yagnesh and Chandni

My search for my soulmate ended when I came across Chandni’s profile on Our story began on October 4, 2010 when Chandni accepted my interest. I was just lucky to be shortlisted, as she had received nearly 500 interests in just two days after registering on the website. We exchanged some emails and she soon agreed to share her contact. After talking over the phone for a few days, I thought she was quiet and subtle, whereas I’m the opposite.

We finally decided to meet up and I must say, I completely fell for her. I’m located in Muscat and I was on my annual leave during those days, so I happened to meet her. Since, we belonged to the same caste, it wasn’t difficult for us to convince our parents. Also, I was sure about getting married to her after our first meeting but Chandni was a little hesitant and couldn’t make up her mind. She took a couple of days to revert back and from there things got serious pretty quickly. We spoke to our parents and they finalized our engagement.

It was during this patch that we understood each other better, as we went out shopping together and got to spend more time with each other. We finally got engaged on November 18, 2010 and officially moved in together on July 7, 2011.

We want to thank and the team for making this possible!

– Contributed by Yagnesh

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  1. Vivek says

    Lovely Couple. May God bless them!

  2. Ankit says

    made for each other !!!

  3. Sunny says

    What a cute couple! May God bless both of you.

  4. Surekha says

    Lovely couple

  5. Rajiv says

    I found their story pretty sweet. Wish you luck for the future!

  6. Nikhil says

    Wow..such a sweet jodi. I really like them

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