Survey: 60% Men Think Nagging Ruins a Relationship

As common as nagging may be, turns out it’s still harmful to your relationship. In fact, a survey by a popular website found that 60% of men and 44% of women respondents consider nagging a problem in their relationship.  Only 15% of respondents say they’re good at resolving conflicts as a couple.

The top subjects of nagging are…

1. Needing more attention from partner

2. Asking partner to help with housework

3. Asking partner to pick up after themselves

Interestingly, men and women say they have different reasons for nagging. Men say that it’s just a habit, while women nag to vent frustration. On the other hand, women in particular say nagging is effective and that their partner only does something when asked multiple times.

According to the survey, women get tired of it eventually, in a couple of decades. The survey found that 42% of women age 18 – 34 give their partner a gentle reminder the day after they first asked them to do something. But by the time they reach the 45+ demographic, only 30% of women give a reminder, opting instead to “be annoyed” and complete the task themselves.


Who do you think are usually more nagging?


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