Survey: Marriage is the Best Stress Buster

‘Forget massages, hot baths and soothing music – the key to beating stress is as simple as a happy marriage’, claims a study. Research shows that being in a loving relationship makes it easier to cope with the stress and strains of working life. Contrary to the popular perception that single people have a carefree lifestyle, it is those who are in long-term relationships who are most laid back.

Psychologist Dr Roxane Gervais monitored the stress levels of more than 400 nurses working in Yorkshire hospitals.  She found that those who were married or in a steady relationship, were least affected by the strains of the job.  On the other hand, single people and widow’s felt stress more keenly, while those who were divorced were the least relaxed of all. It is thought that married people benefit from simply being able to talk through their day with someone after work. Such support may be particularly valuable in occupations such as nursing, in which emotions have to be suppressed during working hours.

Dr Gervais added that those looking for ways to reduce workplace stress may be better off focusing on the needs of single workers, rather than those who were married or had children. The study shows that marriage is good for health. Previous research has shown that those who get married are far more likely to live longer than singles. What say?

Courtesy – UK Marriage News

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