Poll: Ram & Priya Kapoor Voted the Perfect Jodi on TV

Shaadi.com recently conducted a poll to find out who TV’s favorite Jodi is. As per the poll, 42.53% Indians consider Ram and Priya Kapoor from ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’ as the Perfect TV Jodi. This was followed by RK and Madhubala from the soap ‘Madhubala’ with 30% votes. While Ram & Priya Kapoor (62.16% votes) were the favorite amongst most Indian women, most Indian men chose Shiv & Anandi (42.86% votes) from ‘Balika Vadhu‘ as their favorite TV Jodi.

Favorite Bahu
When asked about who Indians idolize as their ‘Favorite TV Bahu’, 36.78% Indians voted for Priya Kapoor from ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’. This was closely followed by Archana (19.54% votes) from ‘Pavitra Rishta’ and Anandi (16.09% votes) from ‘Balika Vadhu’. While Priya Kapoor (87.50% votes) was the favourite Bahu amongst Indian women, Anandi (65.71% votes) was the favorite Bahu amongst men. This suggests that Indian men still prefer women with traditional values, while women look up to strong women like Priya Kapoor who stand by their point of view.

Favorite Damaad
When asked about their ‘Favorite TV Damaad’, 46.88% Indians voted for Shiv from ‘Balika Vadhu’ closely followed by Ram Kapoor (35.63% votes). Interestingly, most women (81.25% votes) preferred Shiv as the ‘Favorite Damaad,’ while men (29.03% votes) preferred Ram Kapoor. This suggests that women prefer men who take care of themselves, while men prefer situations that are closer to reality.

Most Inspiring Hindi Soap
When asked about which Hindi soap defines relationship for Indians, ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain‘ turned out to be the clear winner with 43.68% votes. Interestingly, Indian women were most inspired by ‘Balika Vadhu’ (78.95% votes). This suggests a unanimous support towards women’s empowerment and issues involving women’s rights in India. Gourav Rakshit, Chief Operating Officer at Shaadi.com said, “The findings reflect the mindset of the nation and how these influences affect their search for a potential partner. The poll is part of the consistent research that Shaadi.com conducts in an attempt to gauge the preferences of its members.”

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