Survey Reveals What Men Look For in a Partner

If you’ve always wanted to know what men look for in a potential wife, a new survey has the answers! Results showed that men want someone who is willing to look after them and who will allow them to watch sports. The study also revealed that 53 per cent of men think that between ’31-35’ is the best age to get married. Women, on the other hand, list ambitious and romantic as their top traits when picking a potential husband and think that the best age to get married is ’26-30 years-old’. The spokesperson for the website responsible for the survey said, “It’s no surprise that the perceptions of what makes a partner perfect for marriage (shadi) between men and women is vastly different. Women look for a much deeper connection from their partner than men do.” The majority of the women listed trust as a big thing in a relationship, with them needing to be able to trust their partner 100 per cent before marrying them. However, it may not come as a shock to some that the most important relationship factor to men asked was sexual compatibility. The website spokesperson said, “It’s also no surprise that the majority of men chose a higher age bracket to get married than women, it has been proven that women are more advanced with maturity, whilst men don’t quite know how to act their age.” Courtesy:

What kind of a Partner would you prefer? Someone who is...

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