Survey: Shaadi Aaj Kal

Shaadi Aaj Kal, a survey conducted by the world’s largest matrimonial portal, and research agency IMRB, reveals that 47% married couples in India discussed about their past relationship before marriage. However, this trend was the highest in East India (Kolkata, Orissa) with 66% married couples responding that they were open and had discussed about their past relationship with their spouse. This was followed by couples from South India with 60% married couples agreeing to have discussed about their past life prior to marriage. When probed about reasons for disclosure of their past relationship, 66% couples revealed that they didn’t want their past relationship to affect their future, whereas 47% wanted to be honest and upfront.

There were some interesting differences which were noticed in metros, wherein Bangaloreans (75%) seemed to be pretty upfront about having a past and revealed the same to their partners before marriage. Bangalore stands out when compared to other metros with people accepting their partners with a past. So, it seems ex and sex is not a taboo with Bangaloreans. What about couples who haven’t discussed about their past with their partner? The survey showcases that (74%) married couples in West India and 63% North Indian couples did not disclose their past prior marriage, as they didn’t want their partner to suspect them in the near future.

On the other hand, (53%) couples from South India who didn’t reveal their past to their partner, said that they strongly felt their past has got nothing to do with the future. Hence, it was not important to discuss the past. The kind of response people gave shows that couples who’ve had a love marriage (56% revealed) preferred to talk about their past relationship, as compared to those who’ve had an arranged marriage (45% revealed their past). In an arranged marriage, couples fear of losing a good match and hence, prefer not to speak about their past. From the gender perspective, 48% males seemed to be more open about discussing their past than females, while 54% females preferred to keep their past under wraps, according to the survey.

Gourav Rakshit, Business Head, says, “Our Shaadi Aaj Kal survey results indicate that couples who have open lines of communication, have the most happiest marriages. The ability to discuss past relationships with ones spouse is consistent with this finding, and is keeping with the trend of greater openness and broad-mindedness in marriages today.”

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