Survey: Singles Spend More Time on Matrimonial Sites

According to a survey, 63% singles searching for a match tend to spend more time on matrimonial sites than on social networking sites. The survey was conducted to gauge the growing popularity of the social networking sites and its impact on the matrimonial sector. The findings of the survey showcase that even though the social networking sites are gaining momentum when it comes to searching a partner, matrimonial sites are considered reliable and trustworthy by singles. As a result, they tend to visit these sites more often through the day.

The survey also highlights the importance that singles give to social networking sites when it comes to finding a partner. The survey findings reveal that 31% singles agreed searching for the profile of their potential partner soon after they received Expression of Interest (EOI). While, 27% have denied checking the shortlisted person’s profile till they finalize someone. 25% singles add each other on social networking sites only after chatting on the Instant Messenger and the rest 17% do so after their first meeting. This trend of visiting the potential partner’s profile on social networking sites like Facebook is mostly noticed amongst the male respondents (74%) as opposed to women respondents (63%). Women respondents mostly feel social networking sites are meant for friends, hence they refrain from adding their potential partner to their social network.

Commenting on the survey results, Gourav Rakshit, Business Head,, said, “The survey findings clearly confirm the fact that people consider matrimonial sites like more reliable when it comes to searching for a life partner outside their social circle. As a result, singles log in more often to the matrimonial site as compared to social networking sites, which are meant mainly for their friends. These sites are also meant for individuals who can connect with others from a relevant community or having common interests. Members who initially meet through tend to check potential partners profile on social networking sites to know the common interests, friends, hobbies, etc they might have but certainly do not look for a match through these sites.”

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