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5 Things You Should Never Discuss With Your Man

May be you’re used to sharing every little thing with your man, but there are some things you should just keep to yourself. It’s a myth that sharing every detail makes a relationship stronger. Everyone has some secrets and its … Read More…

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Ways to Win Over Your In-Laws

What is the next step after you like someone online? To get to know him/her better and then Impress the parent’s, right? Since it’s your first time, we give you some tips on how to appear confident and leave a … Read More…

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5 Qualities to Look For in Your Life Partner

Marriage is a life-long commitment, so it is important that you find someone who’s just perfect for you. There is a common belief that marriages are made in heaven, but when it comes to selecting a life-partner it can’t be … Read More…

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A New Beginning: Nihit Gupta and Pallavi

I met Pallavi on Shaadi.com in April, 2012. We chatted a couple of times and soon exchanged numbers. We continued talking for a couple of days and felt that special connection. Though we had known each other for hardly a … Read More…

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Secret to a Healthy, Long Life Revealed

A landmark study that began in 1938 suggests that the key to a healthy, long life is a happy marriage, owning a puppy and hanging on to a group of good friends. These three life-altering factors are even more important … Read More…

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56% Indian Men Believe ‘People Demanding Dowry Should Be Fired From Their Jobs’

Shaadi.com recently conducted a survey to understand what today’s Indian youth considered as the ‘Ideal Punishment’ for demanding dowry. 53% of Indians said that people who demand dowry should be forced to pay twice the demanded amount to the bride’s … Read More…

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