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Study: True Love Lasts Even After Years of Marriage

Who says love and passion between married couples die down with years, especially after having kids? Contrary to this belief, love has been proved to take a rebirth with age and years, a study says. A new research using brain … Read More…

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A Perfect Couple: Sheenam and Vinay

It all began sometime in July 2003 when I was surfing the internet and suddenly an ad banner caught my attention. It was Shaadi.com and I thought why not give it a try?

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The Right Knot: Sonia and Vipin

It was truly ‘luck by chance’ that I came across Sonia’s profile on Shaadi.com. I expressed interest in her profile and quickly sent her a mail. The reaction was quite unexpected. She replied back saying she wouldn’t be interested to … Read More…

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Made for each other: Nisha and Miki

  Firstly, I would like to thank Shaadi.com for bringing Miki and me together. It all started in August, 2002 when Miki expressed interest in me via Shaadi.com. He was located in the US, while I was in Pune. I … Read More…

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