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5 Rules To Be a Happy Couple

Apart from treating each other with respect and kindness, there’s a lot more that goes into making a relationship successful and lasting. Here’s the secret…

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Ways to Win Over Your In-Laws

What is the next step after you like someone online? To get to know him/her better and then Impress the parent’s, right? Since it’s your first time, we give you some tips on how to appear confident and leave a … Read More…

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Things Men Notice on the First Meeting

Some men are smart enough and can notice certain things instantly in a woman on the first meeting. Wondering what? Read on to find out what are those 4 things…

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5 Things You Should Know About Men

You may have heard several things about what men like, the way they are, etc but when it comes to starting a new relationship there are certain things you need to know about men. And if you’ve never fallen in … Read More…

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Top 5 Things to Discuss With Your Life-Partner

Before you decide to get married to the person you’ve been interacting with for a while now, here are the top five things you need to discuss with your life-partner before you take the plunge…

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5 Things Men Notice About Women on a Date

The first date is important for every couple, as it helps you decide whether or not you can go ahead with the person. But women, did you know that there are some things men can quickly notice on a date. … Read More…

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