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Survey: 72% Indian Women Think Ranbir Kapoor Would Make an Ideal Husband, as he is a ‘Mama’s Boy’

Shaadi.com recently conducted a poll to understand people’s views on if ‘Mama’s Boys make good husbands.’ Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, 62% women agreed that Mama’s Boys would indeed make great nurturing & patient husbands.

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Success Story: John D’Costa and Praisy Macwan

Our story began in March, 2012 and we continued to be in touch through phone calls and text messages. On 14 April, I received a message from Praisy saying, “Hi! How are you?” and I was happy to see her … Read More…

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First Year of Marriage is the Toughest, Finds Survey

People married for less than a year are less satisfied with life than people in any other year of marriage, according to the health fund Australian Unity’s recent Wellbeing Index. The findings suggest the financial stress of paying off a … Read More…

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Survey: Malayalees Prefer Living in a Joint Family

Malayaleeshaadi.com, an exclusive matrimonial service for Malayalees, part of Shaadi.com, conducted a survey to find out if the young age couples prefer living in a joint or a nuclear family. The survey findings show that majority of Malayalees (62% singles, … Read More…

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5 Things to Discuss With Your Prospective Spouse

It’s important to discuss and agree on important aspects with your partner before you say ‘I Do’, so that there are no nasty surprises awaiting you post marriage. Here are top 5 things to clear with your partner well in … Read More…

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Success Story: Yagnesh and Chandni

My search for my soulmate ended when I came across Chandni’s profile on Shaadi.com. Our story began on October 4, 2010 when Chandni accepted my interest. I was just lucky to be shortlisted, as she had received nearly 500 interests … Read More…

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