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5 Reasons Why Men Are Commitment Phobic

Men love their freedom and the bachelor’s life. For most guys, the very thought of staying committed to one woman all their life just seems impossible. Ever wondered why? Here are five reasons why men suffer from commitment phobia…

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3 Things to do on Facebook if You’re in Love

If you’re madly in love and are serious about your relationship, here are some Facebook rules for you to follow for a healthy relationship…


5 Tips on Dating a Younger Man

Dating a younger man can have its rewards, but there are also the challenges. If it’s your first time, we list down some tips to help you successfully maintain a relationship with a younger man. We know its not easy to manage a younger partner, but here’s what you can do to make it successful… …

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Kashmir Ranked The Second Most Romantic Destination in The World

If you’ve been wondering where to go, you’ve got the answer now! There’s no denying the fact that Kashmir is like paradise on earth. Popular travel magazine Lonely Planet has ranked the Indian state second only to Switzerland in this year’s most romantic tour destinations around the world. If you know someone who’s visited Kashmir …

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5 Types of Women Every Man Has Secretly Liked

Women are known to be very choosy, not only when it comes to shopping but also when it comes to falling in love. Of course, men are no less choosy about their type of woman but we list down 5 types of women who we’re sure every man has had a crush on, at least …


Happily Married: Mitali and Bijon

A big thank you to the phenomenal matrimonial site, Shaadi.com for helping me find my Soul mate. Our parents were actively searching for a perfect match and one fine day they found us for each other.