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10 Intresting Facts About Valentine’s Day You Should Know

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year across the world. This day is all about red roses and secret admirers, and celebrates the bond of love between couples. On V-Day, couples and single’s express their love for each other. That’s not it! Here’s a list of some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day…

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Shaadi.com Returns With #ShaadiValentine

Love is in the air! We at Shaadi.com believe that a relationship is complete and successful only when there’s Love, Respect and Equality between the couple. We’ve always stood for togetherness and since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we thought of celebrating this special season of love with all of you…

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The Top 25 Romantic Cities of 2016

The first city to cross your mind after reading the headline has to be Paris. Well yes, there’s nothing to beat Paris, we know! But let us tell you that this time it’s also an Indian city that’s made it to the Top 25 list and that is our Pink City: Jaipur. Isn’t that really …

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Things You Should Never Discuss With Your Partner

May be you’re used to sharing every little thing with your partner but there are some things you should just keep to yourself and especially the 5 things listed below… 

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7 Signs That She’s Totally Into You

Usually, articles and books are written for girls to figure out whether a guy is into them or not. Countless movies have been made on the subject too. But do guys ever wonder if the girl they like feels the same way? Here are some signs for you to figure if your crush carries a …


In Love With a Vegetarian?

It’s not easy dating a vegetarian, we understand! It becomes all the more difficult when you plan to go out for dinner. Some vegetarian partners wouldn’t like you calling for non-veg food, while some are comfortable as long as you’re not forcing them to eat.