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Perfectly Matched Couple: Josh and Navneet

I signed up on Shaadi.com after being recommended by a friend who suggested it was a good way to meet new people and especially people seriously looking at getting into a relationship. I didn’t know much about this matrimonial site … Read More…

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Picture-perfect Pair: Gaurav and Jalpa

On July, 2010 Gaurav sent me a message on Shaadi.com. I hadn’t checked my Shaadi profile for quite a few days and and one fine day just decided to go through interests I had received and read all the messages.

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Successful Marriage: Anwar and Toktam

I was an active member on Shaadi.com and came across Toktam’s profile on the matrimonial site. I expressed interest in her and she accepted it. We started exchanging mails and in our very first mail, we felt that there was … Read More…

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Married and Happy: Kunal and Shruti

Shaadi.com is one of the best matrimonial websites I’ve ever come across and I mean it. I  quite liked the site the first time I saw it and that’s when I decided to register. Shaadi.com‘s easy interface and the variety … Read More…

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Study: True Love Lasts Even After Years of Marriage

Who says love and passion between married couples die down with years, especially after having kids? Contrary to this belief, love has been proved to take a rebirth with age and years, a study says. A new research using brain … Read More…

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Awesome Twosome: Shiblin and Sarfraz

I just knew that I had to send across a message after going through Shiblin’s profile on Shaadi.com. So, my first message went out to her on November 13, 2010. I told her the same generic stuff about liking her … Read More…

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