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Ask an Expert: Have a query?

Dr Prakriti Poddar, Counsellor A renowned clinical hypnotherapist, management consultant and counselor, Dr Prakriti Poddar specialises in Pre-Marital and Couple Counseling. Send your queries related to relationships issues, confidence building, getting rid of past baggage, family management, body language and … Read More…

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Top 5 Things to Discuss With Your Life-Partner

Before you decide to get married to the person you’ve been interacting with for a while now, here are the top five things you need to discuss with your life-partner before you take the plunge…

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4 Ways To Have a Green Wedding

The happiest day of your life could also cost the earth – literally. So, it makes more sense to opt for a green wedding, doesn’t it? If you wish to go for a eco-friendly wedding, we tell you how to … Read More…

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How Men Test Women On a Date

If you think guys hardly prepare themselves before coming on a date, you may be wrong. Guys mostly take interest in settling on a good venue and making reservations in advance. That’s not all, men even judge women based on … Read More…

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Tips to Follow if You Keep Getting Dumped

If you’ve always been rejected after your first date, you need not feel bad about it or stop meeting people. Instead, work on yourself and have a positive attitude. Here are some pointers that will help you impress your partner … Read More…

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Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

Before you decide to marry a  person, it’s very important for you to know him in and out. It’s not just the looks and nature that matters. There’s lots more you need to take into consideration before you’re sure about … Read More…

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