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5 Tips to Keep in Mind For Your First Date

You must have been on a date at least once, right? And, you think you know how to behave, what kind of topics to discuss, etc with your prospective spouse. Only when you actually sit down with him/her you’ll realise … Read More…

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Shaadi.com Launches its iPhone app

Shaadi.com, The World’s Largest Matrimonial Service recently launched its iPhone application. So, you can now access profiles of potential brides and grooms on your iPhone. Not just that, with the help of this free application, you can:

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A Perfect Couple: Sheenam and Vinay

It all began sometime in July 2003 when I was surfing the internet and suddenly an ad banner caught my attention. It was Shaadi.com and I thought why not give it a try?

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Easy Guide: Make the Most of Shaadi.com

Shaadi.com has helped thousands of people find their life partner online. A lot of people face difficulties in finding a partner online, that maybe because they do not really know how to make the best use of the features on … Read More…

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Meeting Your Woman’s Expectation

At the end of the day, all women crave more or less the same qualities in their men and have similar expectations from them. Don’t know what they are? Read on to find out…

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Shaadi.com offers personalised services with ‘SelectShaadi’

Shaadi.com, the world’s largest matrimonial service recently launched ‘SelectShaadi – A Personalized Matchmaking Service’ in the Gulf countries. SelectShaadi has been successfully launched in the Indian, UK & the US markets in the past and has been running successfully. The … Read More…

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