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10 First Meeting Conversation Starters

A lot of people are clueless about what to discuss on the first meeting. Just so that you do not end up boring or scaring the opposite person, we’re giving you a list of topics to discuss with your partner … Read More…

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Tips For Setting Up a Matrimonial Profile

You are on Shaadi.com for a purpose, right? So you need to make sure you have the right kind of information in your matrimonial profile. This will not just make it easy for you to find the right match but … Read More…

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A Happy Couple: Nikhil and Deivyani

Deivyani and I connected through Shaadi.com. Though skeptical on whether the concept of an online matrimony would work, we decided to give it a shot and I can now definitely say that it does work! I sent out an interest … Read More…

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73.33% Women Avoid Specs on the First Meeting

Shaadi.com recently conducted a survey to understand what the Indian youth notice in the opposite gender when they meet for the first time. Surprisingly, 73.33% Indian women said that they wouldn’t wear their spectacles when they meet their potential partner … Read More…

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16 Signs You are a Shaadi.com Member

Shaadi.com has turned a year older and is celebrating it’s 16h Anniversary today. We’ve listed down 16 signs that prove you’re a Shaadi.com member…

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Featured Couple: Amit and Sheetal

We liked each other on Shaadi.com and we started chatting. Our first meeting happened on 13 November, 2010. It was my elder sister’s wedding anniversary and I was out shopping with her in a mall.

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