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5 Things Women Should Never Be Sorry For

It’s high time women start living their life on their own terms and conditions, instead of going against their wish and doing things to please others. The question is: Does that make YOU happy? If not, why do it?

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15 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind On Your Best Friend’s Wedding

So your best friend has finally found her ‘Special Someone’ and is all set to tie the knot before you. You weren’t at all expecting this to happen but it is happening and now you’ve got all sorts of thoughts crossing your mind. Of course, you’re happy for her but you’re also sad about the …

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Here’s Why People Love Attending Weddings…

‪Who doesn’t like attending weddings? We agree, attending too many can be expensive. After all, it’s not just about spending on gifts but more about spending on yourself, your outfits, etc. Also, ever wondered how everyone on your guest list turns up for the wedding without fail?? We’ll tell you why #WeddingsAreFun… #1 Free Booze …

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Things You Should Never Tell Your Prospective Partner

It’s said that coming clean is the beginning of starting something good in a relationship. But, there are some things that can just end a relationship even before it begins. Yes, it’s always good to be frank with your partner but at the same time there are some things you should never discuss with your …

10 First Meeting Conversation Starters

10 First Meeting Conversation Starters

A lot of people are clueless about what to discuss on the first meeting. Just so that you do not end up boring or scaring the opposite person, we’re giving you a list of topics to discuss with your partner on your first meeting.

5 Things You Should Know About Women

5 Things You Should Know About Women

Most men find it incredibly difficult to understand women. There are certain things that women expect from their partner and that’s more than just being a good listener or being committed. Here are 5 things that will help you understand women…