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5 Qualities You Need To Impress a Woman

What do women want? This is one question every man has asked himself but has never been able to figure out. Every woman looks for certain qualities in her would-be. Here are five qualities we list down…

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5 Tips For a Successful Relationship

You’re prepared to be in a relationship and you think finding a partner online is a great option, because its convenient? If yes, you’re right! It surely is convenient but just finding a partner doesn’t make a relationship successful. Neither … Read More…

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5 Ways To Get Someone to Like You

Waiting for that special someone who you can spend your life with? But not happy with the kind of response you have been getting on your Shaadi.com profile? Apart from completing your profile and regularly logging in, there are a … Read More…

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Short Men Make Better Partners, Finds Study

It turns out, short guys may make better life partners and if you marry one, your relationship is more likely to last, according to a research. For the study, two New York University sociologists examined data from the Panel Study … Read More…

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5 Things Men Love About Women

If you thought men only love women who look great, think again! There’s a lot more that men fall for in a woman than just great looks. In fact, when it comes to settling down, looks count the least. Believe … Read More…

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5 Rules To Be a Happy Couple

Apart from treating each other with respect and kindness, there’s a lot more that goes into making a relationship successful and lasting. Here’s the secret…

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