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Survey: 56% Indians Prefer a Desi Honeymoon

With large number of marriages being solemnized every month, Shaadi.com, The World’s Largest Matrimonial Service conducted a quick survey amongst its members to find out about their ideal honeymoon destination.

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Traits Women Look For in a Man

You thought looks and money is all women look for in a man? Well, not in every case. Here are some characteristics most women look for in their life partner…

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Study: Time Spent on PC Causes Stress for Couples

If your love life is feeling strained, may be it’s time to reconsider the relationship…with the computer. Using the PC is the third biggest source of stress in a relationship, beaten only by work-related issues and financial worries.

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Study: Macho Men Unhappy When Wives Earn More

Macho men whose female partners earn more than they do have poor romantic relationships, partly because they are stressed by the difference in income. Conversely, men who are not rigid about their masculinity do not consider the difference in income … Read More…

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Things Men Don’t Want You to Know About Them

No matter, how good friends you are with your partner, but remember there are certain things men would never want you to know about them. Wondering what? Here are top 5 things..

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5 Things to Discuss on Your First Date

You’re on a date to assess if the person is a right match for you or not, right? So, instead of wasting time talking about unimportant things, consider these five points…

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