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Survey: Most Men Believe in Love at First Sight

A meaningful glance across a crowded room. A glimpse of a smile. A whiff of perfume. That, it seems, is all it takes to fall head over heels in love – if you are a man. A chap barely even … Read More…

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Study: A Man’s Behavior Improves After Marriage

Apparently getting married helps in improving a man’s behaviour, according to researchers. They found traits associated with anti-social personality disorders such as criminal behaviour, lying, aggression and a lack of remorse after men tied the knot.

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Survey: 56% Indians Prefer a Desi Honeymoon

With large number of marriages being solemnized every month, Shaadi.com, The World’s Largest Matrimonial Service conducted a quick survey amongst its members to find out about their ideal honeymoon destination.

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Study: Time Spent on PC Causes Stress for Couples

If your love life is feeling strained, may be it’s time to reconsider the relationship…with the computer. Using the PC is the third biggest source of stress in a relationship, beaten only by work-related issues and financial worries.

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Secret to a Healthy, Long Life Revealed

A landmark study that began in 1938 suggests that the key to a healthy, long life is a happy marriage, owning a puppy and hanging on to a group of good friends. These three life-altering factors are even more important … Read More…

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Study: Creative People More Likely to Cheat

According to a recent research, chances of cheating is more in creative people than in the non-creative lot. This is possibly because of the talent possessed by the original thinkers, which increases their ability to rationalize their actions.”

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