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Harsh & Anjali: When Love Happens Across The Borders!

“My name is Harsh Patel and I reside in Canada. One day I came across the profile of a girl that really changed my life. I was so mesmerised by her beauty and that extreme charm of her face that I instantly sent invitation to connect with her. Thankfully, she also accepted my invitation and …


Sinto Always Believed He Was Destined To Be With Reshmi!

“I saw her profile and found some connection between us. I kept messaging her as she was not replying, but I didn’t lose hope. Finally I got the message “Accepted”. I couldn’t control my happiness. From her side, she had accidentally clicked on the accept button. This is were God played His part. Her account …

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Meet Shaadi.com Success Story Couple: Karan + Krutika

  “We both are very grateful to Shaadi.com as sometimes even strangers can understand you way better than people you already know. We both were inclined to the thought of doing an arranged marriage but with feelings for the other person mainly love and understanding. Then, It all started with an invite from him, he …


Niharika & Harish: A beautiful Love Story!

“Match Happens on Shaadi.com! Yes at first we both did not think we will find any prospective profiles in here. We both had sarcastic views about finding profiles as to how can we trust or find some one for an entire life on a Social site. I live in London and he lived in India, …

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Keeping in Touch With People Is Now Simpler

Shaadi.com recently rolled out a new feature, where premium accepts, premium emails and received and sent chats have been combined and put in a single folder called “Recent chats” in the chat toolbar.


10 Things Singles Never Want to Hear

“But why are you still single?” – we’re sure you must have forgotten the count of how many times people have asked you that question. Well, we totally understand how annoying it is when that question comes up. In fact, if you’ve been single for a really long time and have always hung out with …