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Internet 354

Do’s and Don’ts For a Safer Online Experience

We all love the Internet and the opportunities that it brings with it. Today being the Safer Internet Day, we have listed down some e-safety tips for all the internet users. Join us in supporting the “Safe Internet Day” movement…

dance 354

Some Things That Will Never Change About Indian Weddings

Yes, Indian weddings are a lot of fun, we know! Right from dressing up for the functions to all the ceremonies and of course, the food..these are things that make a wedding wonderful. Imagine a wedding without these things? You can’t right? Let us list down a few more things that Indian weddings are incomplete …


6 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

You have crossed 25 and your family is forcing you to get married? Or may be you have a Shaadi.com profile because you want to get married. But are you really prepared to settle down? Here are some signs that will help you find out if it’s really time for you to tie the knot…


10 Things Singles Never Want to Hear

“But why are you still single?” – we’re sure you must have forgotten the count of how many times people have asked you that question. Well, we totally understand how annoying it is when that question comes up. In fact, if you’ve been single for a really long time and have always hung out with …


5 Things Women Should Never Be Sorry For

It’s high time women start living their life on their own terms and conditions, instead of going against their wish and doing things to please others. The question is: Does that make YOU happy? If not, why do it?


6 Wedding Superstitions Popular in India

‘If it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck.’ – most of us, especially in India must have heard this at least once in our lives. Superstitions only revolve around good and bad luck for the newly-weds and there’s always this one person in the family who’s done his/her PhD (Permanent Head Damage) in …