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The 8 Best #NotForSale Entries Are…

The 8 Best #NotForSale Entries Are…

We’d like to thank all of you for your wonderful participation in our #NotForSale initiative. We received some really wonderful entries. Some of them were beautiful and some very meaningful. We would also like to tell you that each one of you who participated in the #NotForSale initiative is a true WINNER.

Shaadi.com is Back With the ‘Mother of all Initiatives’

Shaadi.com is Back With the ‘Mother of all Initiatives’

Marriage is a beautiful bond between a man and a woman, a life-long commitment like no other. What completes this wonderful companionship is love, respect, commitment, understanding and equality, definitely not the amount of money that a woman can bring into a Marriage.

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Singles to Become Extinct Soon With The All New LoveBit

‘LoveBit': The new hi-tech wearable soon to be launched by Shaadi.com, promises to make singlehood a thing of the past. Shaadi.com, the World’s No. 1 Matchmaking Service has joined hands with Mauj Technologies to launch the World’s first wearable that guarantees to find you the right match. Wondering how? Well, LoveBit works on a patented …

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5 Gifs That Prove Nobody Likes Mondays

So you thought you were the only one who finds it difficult to get out of bed on a Monday morning? If yes, think again! In fact, check out some of these funny gifs that prove how much we all hate Monday…        


6 Twitter Responses to #WeWillBeEquals Against Dowry

We ran a Twitter contest on Women’s Day using the hasgtag: #WeWillBeEquals asking people to tell us how can both genders be truly equal. The response to the contest was massive with over 11,000 entries and what truly amazed us were some of the responses that we received stating: ‘Dowry needs to stop’ if we …


Perfect Match: Deepak and Supriya

I would like to thank Shaadi.com for helping me in my search for my soul mate. I live in Melbourne and got an interest from Supriya’s family in January, we exchanged our basic details and started talking every day. We started liking each other and soon decided to meet.